Mobile Apps to Revolutionize Your Watching Experience

The New World Order Sunday Exclusive: Sitting home on a lazy Sunday afternoon with nothing much to do? Or got to wait for hours to catch a flight, a bus? Life may come up with dull moments anytime and trust me, can be far too boring than those appear to be. You would certainly want to do something, to let your time pass. Movies can be a great option then. Movies serve as an amazing source of entertainment and at the same time knowledge giving too.

Interestingly theatres, televisions or laptops are not the only sources to enjoy movie streaming today. There’s a more portable approach. If you are a techno savvy, all you need is a smartphone and internet connectivity. Download a convenient movie app and lo! Enjoy your favorite movie anywhere, anytime!

Smartphone app developers are constantly on work to make your movie watching experience all the more appealing. A good number of such apps are frequently released. While most of them are available for download in your handy Google Playstore or I-Tunes but one may find better Movie Streaming Apps in sources other than the above mentioned.

Gandhi Movie

One of the most striking features of an app is the external manifestation, its interface. It should be such that it is neither too opulent nor too simple making it user-friendly. Users should be able to use them without much of technical knowledge. Apps like Showbox, Playbox HD, Hubi, Viewster, Flipps HD have amicable interfaces.

The adornment of the various essential options (Menu, Favourites, Search etc.) on the display page, the categorisation of movies, the ability to redirect to other pages without hassle, the ease of navigation do matter a lot. Showbox, Flipps HD and Viewster are cleanly categorised and provide good streaming.

Movie-collection of an app is yet another aspect we are concerned of. The larger is the database of movies, the more is its popularity. People may look for any and every movie on the planet be it of any genre, any language and even of any release-year but it is also equally true that selection list in every app is limited. The wide acceptance of an app lies in its ability to fetch maximum user searches compared to other apps. Showbox has an amazing stack of TV shows and movies including the old classics too. Netflix, Moviebox, Playbox, Flipps HD, Crackle are some other great apps in this respect.

Having a good interface and a huge collection won’t alone serve if the available video quality doesn’t meet standards. Although it is nearly impossible to have all videos in HD format but most of them should at the least be available in 720p format or nearer. The very popular Netflix undoubtedly has the best video quality. ShowBox for iPhone and iPad simplifies things and let you choose a video quality of your choice based on your bandwidth from 360p to 720p.

Being free app is yet another thing that attracts users. Most good apps including Showbox, Viewster, Hubi, Moviebox allow for free streaming. These apps not only let you stream movies but you can also download and watch them later in a media player of your own choice.

So the next time you are bored, I do hope you would have a handy movie app in your cell phone and let boredom go away to hell!