Packing for cold-weather trips between jackets, sweaters, and boots is often more difficult than in the summer, but it is still possible. However, you can always pack light for winter travel and yet have anything you need. It is all about finding the right travel clothes for winter, filling layers, and using a few clever tricks to suit your bag with even the bulkiest layer.

Besides packing, getting to the hotel is also an important aspect to consider during your winter travel. You should see hotel customer reviews before settling down for one. If you are heading for a warmer vacation or going to Iceland for skiing, here is how to pack light for winter travel.

Long-Sleeve Leggings and Shirt

Carry a lightweight pair of long underwear to make any outfit warmer (leggings and long-sleeve shirt). Smartwool also makes excellent long underwear and base layers. Without freezing yourself off, base layers will allow you to rock your favourite pair of jeans and sweater so that you can look nice and stay warm at the same time.

Down Jacket

The best coat for winter travel is the Down Jacket. When not in use (in the airport), they can be packed in small size, extremely warm for their size, and more resistant to weather than any fashion-forward coats.

Although everyone’s needs and tastes will vary, for well-made down jackets that will last through years of adventures, you can read reviews from different companies and select the best.

A Warm, Lightweight Scarf

A scarf is a must for packing in winter. You want a scarf that will not take up too much space in your bag, even though you do not wish to compromise warmth. Without bulk, a lightweight sweater or a merino wool scarf will give you heat.

A Warm Hat and Gloves

Go for a plain beanie that can match any of your outfits. Looking to get serious? Try the Transcendent Beanie for Outdoor Testing. It is like wearing a jacket on your head, but it is small enough to fit in your pocket (yes, even the bag of a woman).

Many pairs of warm socks

Take a few pairs of wool socks to keep your feet wet. Again, a wool sock material is one of the best since it appears to be more resistant to odour and wicking sweat than other sock fabrics.

Use Compression Sacks and Cube Packing

Pack your winter travel clothes in compression sacks or firm packing cubes to create room for other things, such as, say, your toothbrush. These nifty packs can press out any extra air from bulkier products like sweaters, coats, and ski pants.

Roll or fold your dress

Rolling will help keep your bag more ordered, but not rolling will not save you space, contrary to common opinion. Go ahead, roll, or fold your clothes. Either way, it will give you more room than just filling your backpack with everything.

Pack small objects into your (packed) shoes

Load your second pair of shoes with gloves, socks, and other small things (if you have more than one pair with you). It will help if you read Berrylook reviews for different shoe pairs appropriate for your journey.

Borrow or rent things at your destination

See if you can borrow items like sweaters or jackets when visiting friends or relatives. You can also rent things at your destination, no matter where you are going, mainly if you know you will only need them for a day or two.

Ship Products in Advance

Before you go home for the holidays, ship presents directly to your family residence. Or, if you are on a journey that takes you across different climates and destinations, you mail part of your bag home.

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