Best Phone Spy Apps for iPhone and iPad – Being a Parent as well as a Politician

iPhones and iPads have become a big phenomena in the world of modern mobile phones. This demand has translated to a high demand in spy apps. A spy app can be explained as a mobile phone software that is able to monitor the user’s messages, the phones location and this software will more often require a jailbreak. The following is a list of some of the most recommended spyware apps.


1. PhoneSheriff 

This is a very popular spyware that is very powerful. It is a software that will enable you monitor and regulate the activities on your kids iphone or iPad. PhoneSheriff can be downloaded directly from iTunes after purchasing it. Most of PhoneSheriff reviews recommend the original version of this spyware because it is a spyware that cannot be detected by the device user. However, the new versions of PhoneSheriff do not run in stealth mode, meaning that your child will detect that he or she is being monitored.

This app starts to monitor when the device is connected to the internet. It then records all contacts, calendar activities, call logs, incoming and outgoing text messages, GPS locations, email messages, all websites visited, photo and video files among others. When these files are recorded they are instantly uploaded to your online PhoneSheriff account. There is a newer version of PhoneSheriff spyware that can monitor your iPad and iPhone without a jailbreak.

2. TheTruthSpy 

This is another spyware app that is very effective. It can be used by parents to monitor their kids iPhone/iPad activities. It can also be used by employers to monitor how employees use the company’s iPads and iPhones. The app can be downloaded from iTunes or from the developers website. The app requires you to create an account that you can be logging in at any time. TheTruthSpy will then scan your IOS device while recording all activities like call logs, text messages, GPS locations, emails and many more.

After a trial of 48 hours you will be required to purchase the full version of TheTruthSpy. You can always monitor the activities of your son or employee from another phone’s browsers or from a pc. TheTruthSpy is not detectable in most cases by the user.

3. Mobistealth 

iPhone spy app Are your kids being possessed with their iPhones and they don’t want to share what they do with you? Are your company’s employees misusing the company’s ipad or iPhones? If so, you will not need to worry again because Mobistealth iPhone spy app is there to spy all activities on that iPad or iPhone even when you are away. Mobistealth iPhone spy app is a great app that is able to monitor all activities in IOS devices. It is able to monitor activities like call logs, text messages, WhatsApp activities, viber activities, e-mails, skype calls and many more. The app can be downloaded from iTunes.

4. FlexiSPY

This is a crazy spyware that was released in 2005. The app is available in two versions-The Premium FlexiSPY and the Extreme FlexiSPY. The extreme version has more features when compared to the Premium version. Some of the unique features of FlexiSPY include, recording calls remotely, call interceptions(this allows you to listen to a live call from another phone), password spying, instant GPS locations recording, remote control of the iPhone and iPad, messages monitoring and many more. It is a very effective spyware, probably the best.

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